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Retailers need to offer products that will appeal to their target audience. They also need to ensure that their displays are attractive and easy for customers to navigate.



Choose the Right Size Stand


There are a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from when selecting a display stand, but there are a few things you should keep in mind before making a purchase.
How large is your product? How much space will you display be allowed to take up? Logic dictates that the size of a stand should be based on the product being displayed. For example, if a retailer sells clothing, then the stand should be large enough to accommodate the clothes. If the store sells electronics, then the stand should hold the items in place. Another thing to think about is how high or low the display will be when it's in use. A low stand will allow buyers to see more of your product, while a tall one will require an adjustable pedestal.

A case in point is a customer that needed to display vape products behind the counter of a fuel forecourt shop. Sale of these products must be controlled by legislation and their price also precludes customers accessing them within the store. The space behind the counter is limited. There is also high competition between products that include standardised merchandising displays from large corporations that take up premium and predetermined space. All space available is on table tops. The stand needed to not take up much space and remain attractive and functional as well as allowing for other table top or counter displays to have their space. This is where branding and the look of the display becomes important

When looking at display stands, pick out one that best matches your product's style and size. A good rule of thumb when choosing a size stand is to make sure that it fits within the space available. If there isn’t enough room, consider using multiple stands. You can also use a table top display instead of a stand.       

Benchmark your Idea

You can create the perfect display for your store by learning from other stores. Watch how they display products and take note of the things that you like about their displays. Then, use these ideas to create a display that will attract customers.                         

Create an Eye-Catching Display


Choosing the right display to catch the public’s attention is critical if you want to sell more products. To draw attention to your products, you should ensure that your product has a clear, bright image, as well as a colour scheme that matches the branding and messaging. It’s also important to consider how the style of your display fits with the ethos of your company and the item’s price and functionality. Selling a high-end mobile phone from a cardboard cutout display would be a poor choice. Organic free range eggs, for example, should not be merchandised from a harsh metallic display with harsh metallic shelves and neon lighting. A warmer, more natural look would be more suitable. The stand should be bigger and feel more open and open in keeping with the zeitgeist.

Add Lighting.


If you’re looking to make your store more attractive, consider adding lighting to your display. Not only does it add visual appeal, but it also makes your products easier to see. Modern displays should use LED lighting to good effect.


Place Your Products Properly


To ensure that your products are visible to potential customers, try place them at eye level. This will help people notice your product as soon as they walk into your store. Also, keep your products away from other items so that they aren’t hidden by other merchandise.