In the USA market in 2016, 70% of customers made their choices at the store shelf. Yes, this may be shrinking with eCommerce growth in the USA and in South Africa. Competition is stronger: many customers want their shopping to be a hands-on experience.


"So, the goal is to create a so-called “perfect shelf” where consumers can easily find your product and a product’s brand and strategy are aligned. This, ideally, would create a ripple-effect of positive outcomes for cost, price and promotion. Not to mention stronger manufacturer/retailers bonds."Nielsen


Many of these "perfect shelves" fit the store brand itself. Look or make or make for your brand to stand out above your competition. So become part of that ideal shopping experience and hold the attention of the busy shopper. Your product alone should do that but take any help you can get.


POP display, strategy has evolved beyond simple retail displays and in-store signs. Our custom-made displays are in the



, the supermarket shelf

, promotional events

, marketing shows

, forecourt shops

, libraries

, hotel rooms

and reception areas.


Any place where you can "leverage your brand" by giving your customers an unique experience is vital. We will help put you in a place where you can make better sales. 


Please look at our portfolio for some of the many and varied projects we have completed over 22 years. This will give you a clearer picture of what our scope of service is. We use the best industrial designers to keep us up to date and offer our customers various options. "Cost effective" displays do not have to look cheap. We want to ensure that you get the most optimal solution: to do that makes the greatest sense to our minds.


Any store must follow some basic principles and guidelines when it comes to merchandising.  A display stand is one of the important elements of any merchandising plan. If the store like Game, Incredible Connection, Hifi Corporation or Makro has a branded monoculture, but they allow your product in with its own display stand, the display must align with the store brand and yet showcase your product. The purpose of showcasing is to make your product stand out from the rest.


Build an impressive visual footprint with a display that will raise or boost (Elevate*) your brand or product to a higher level.