Moriah Plastics makes large quantities of its Point of Purchase (POP) displays and display components out of processed flat sheets of acrylic glass (Poly(methyl methacrylate or PMMA).


These flat sheets of acrylic material include brand names such as Perspex®, Plexiglas®, Oroglas® and Lucite®. Many people recognise it as "perspex" or "plexiglass". In the industry it called sheet acrylic or acrylic glass. Sheet acrylic is either cast or extruded and different materials suit different applications.

Cast material is imported into South Africa from Asia or Europe. Röhm Industries extrudes Plexiglas ® in Gauteng and Perspex South Africa ® extrudes materials in Durban. Moriah Plastics uses a range of local and international suppliers. We have the facilities to make 1 or up to 10 000 signs or brochure stands.



At Moriah Plastics we do all these fabrication processes:


  • Heat bending corners, folds and shapes
  • acrylic glass surface and edge polishing
  • cutting by hand using jigsaws and hand held router machines
  • laser cutting and laser engraving
  • Sheet size CNC flatbed router cutting and engraving
  • vacuum forming
  • panel saw cutting
  • adhesion and curing



We are major bulk fabricators of Perspex and Plexiglas displays

and have the expertise to tackle most display projects using this material. We are not plastic glass furniture specialists We do make acrylic furniture parts.

Moriah Plastics cuts or shapes Perspex and Plexiglas to size. 

How to Clean acyrlic glass


Never use abrasive or astringent solutions without checking in with us. Any serious damages such as deep scratches or cracks need expert attention. Acrylic glass rarely get dirty, but when it does it is best to wipe it clean with a soft cloth and warm water. Add a few drops of dishwashing soap or baby shampoo in the cleaning solution. If it is a matter of some dust that has stuck on the surface then the soft cloth is going to do the trick. Click here for a cleaning instruction sheet from Röhm Plexiglas ®. 

Much of the advertising found in stores, banks and offices such as signs, light covers and even shelves will be made from this material. If you have then you are a keen observer. Acrylic glass is in many applications including fighter planes and even in dentistry. Displays incorporate it because acrylic adds a modern and classy look to any display.


Plexiglas has been around for 100 years and we have been making displays with it at Moriah Plastics for 21 years. Our director is "hands on" in our factory. She has 30 years of experience in the display manufacturing industry. She has trains all our staff in the processes involved in using these material.


Plexiglas ® and Perspex ® acrylic glass fabrication is one of our specialities. We are proud to share some of our work and services with you.

Please contact us at any time should you have any questions.