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Confectionary Stand in Perspex

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Send us a sketch and/or a description of what display project you need a price for. We will take your brief and get back to you with a cost-effective quality solution. 



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1. note to marketer : bEAUTIFUL DISPLAYS ATTRACT MORE BUYING CUSTOMERS - make an impression. 

Any store must follow some basic principles and guidelines when it comes to merchandising.  A display stand is one of the important elements of any merchandising plan. If the store like Game, Incredible Connection, Hifi Corporation or Makro has a branded monoculture, but they allow your product in with its own display stand, the display must align with the store brand and yet showcase your product. Showcasing means your product must be visible in a competitive world. It must be modern and stand out.

We can help you design a cost-effective display or display stand and put it to market. For retail and marketing managers we assist with in-store signage, outdoor signs and point of sale retail displays that will attract and hold the attention of people. Advertisers in the trade show and exhibition sector need to not only increase foot traffic to their sales points, but hold customer attention by using novel and experiential marketing tools. We will work with you to do that. to-do-just-that. So, whatever you display stand size or number we have the expertise to assist you. 




  • Shopfitters

  • marketers

  • events manager

  • Sign makers

  • Brand Managers

  • FMCG experts

  • Product Influencers &

  • Product developers

  • Industrial designers

  • Inventors

  • The manufacturing industry

  • Lighting companies

  • Hobbyists & and the public. 

Perspex Brochure Stand
  • Perspex® & Plexiglas ® polishing 

  • Perspex®, Plexiglas ® & styrene (incl. ABS) heat bending 

  • Vacuum forming

  • Large bed CNC sheet cutting of acrylic, foam, wood, MDF etc. 

  • Laser cutting and engraving

  • Silkscreen printing

  • Vinyl decal adhesion

  • 3D Perspex or Plexiglas letter forming

  • LED light installation to displays 

  • Touchscreen installation


3. display projects big & small - 1 OR 1000'S

Want to Funnel a bigger stream of impulse purchases with a well-made display for stronger sales?

Then you need a display designed to . . . 

Grab the attention of your potential customers faster and hold them for longer.

And to achieve this you must . . . 

Build an impressive visual footprint with a display that will raise or boost (Elevate*) your brand or product to a higher level.